Emma Gleadhill


For teens, parents, and professionals who want more out of life. More purpose, more meaning, and greater fulfilment!

Life by design, not by default.

Creating a supportive, non-judgmental, empowering space to think and tune in to your inherent wisdom, creativity, and resourcefulness.

  • Start listening to the music beneath the lyrics in the life you’re leading. Your values, what’s important to you, what you want.
  • Change stuck behaviours and mindsets that hold you back – for good.
  • Show up with more impact and authenticity in your relationships.
  • Develop the tools to explore and experiment with what will help awaken your fullest potential.

Individual coaching
Coaching for parenting couples, Parent-child coaching

A series of reflective sessions connecting you to who you are, what you really want, and empowering you to reach your goals.

Mentoring & intensive re-setting sessions.

A one-off intensive session, or a short series of sessions with a blend of coaching but incorporating guidance based on research into psychological wellbeing or child development on a specific topic.


Working with worry and anxious states.
Frenemies and toxic groups.
How to be on your own side effectively.
Handling conflict and frustration.
Motivation & mindset.
Performance anxiety.
Social anxiety.
Changing bad habits – procrastination or perfectionism.


Staying connected with your growing child.
Handling family conflict with less stress.
Impact – developing motivation and accountability in the home.
Being the parent you want to be. Life beyond good-cop, bad-cop.
Self-care and self-compassion.
Values, purpose, and fulfilment as a parent.

Leader / Professional

Handling conflict with less stress.
How to thrive in a stressful job.
Working with difficult people.
Developing impact, rapport, and engagement.
Managing change.
Purpose, values & fulfilment.
Resilience and self-care strategies.
Authentic leadership.

E-motion. Coaching with emotional intelligence, and momentum.

A six step strategy:

  1. Clarify – what’s really important to you. Your values, aims, objectives.
  2. Discover – what’s been getting in the way. Fears, worries, self-limiting beliefs. The impact these have on you.
  3. Visualise – focus and clarify the future you want to create for yourself. What meaningful change will look like and feel like.
  4. Design – the next tangible steps that will make the difference and take you closer to your goal.
  5. Commit – choose ways to make accountability work for you so that you can embed and deepen your practice.
  6. Review and celebrate – track and grow the good, achieve your goals and take your learning to a new level.

See what coaching can do for you – impact statements and testimonials…

Parent of a 19 year-old. Anxiety, rumination and worry post-lock-down. Transition to university.

Mia* and I would like to say an enormous thank you for the help and support your sessions have provided. You started with Mia* at a time when her world had fallen apart and she could not even think about the future, let alone make any decisions.

Now today, she is so excited about starting at university at the end of the month. She is happy, confident and settled in the choices that she has made. Of course she still has her worries but you have given her the tools and strategies to deal with them and not let things spiral out of control. With your calm thoughtful and well planned approach, I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who has sons or daughters going through a tough time.

*Name changed to preserve privacy.

18 year-old. Anxiety, Impostor syndrome, wellbeing

Within the past 2 years, I have been lucky enough to have been able to have sessions with Emma, working on improving my outlook on life as well as exploring my inner characteristics and where they can take me. The sessions have been engaging and beneficial and have had a significant impact on my work ethic and home life.

Emma was able to provide a safe space whereby I felt comfortable enough to open up about areas of my life that were holding me back, successfully managing to encourage me to push through a tough year. Most recently, we had a session where we dove into my inner self, considering my favorable and opposing characteristics and what effect they may have on my future. Just this one coaching session gave me a greater insight into my flaws and strengths, allowing me to utilize them in a more personal way when considering my future.

My experience with Emma has been delightful and she has had a remarkable impact on my life. I can certainly say these session have been transformative and have helped guide me through some of the more stressful times of the school year.

15 year-old. Finding voice in toxic group.

Parent testimonial – impact of coaching.
As for XXX, I don’t know what you did, but I have seen such a huge improvement, I can’t tell you how pleased I am and how grateful to you!  I feel more and more that we are in normal adolescent behaviour now, with its moments of course but within what I would consider healthy.  Her self esteem and confidence is growing, she is moving in the right direction. Thank you!

12 year-old. Social confidence, assertiveness, recovering from bullying.

We have read your comments so many times and we are so pleased with her progress. My husband has said that, “If I had Emma, when I was a child, my life would have been so much better!”

17 year-old. Burnout – energy, procrastination, motivation.

Thank you so much for your coaching over the past year, having an opportunity to reflect every couple of weeks has been so valuable. The way you listen and ask the exact questions needed for reflection has been so helpful. Your coaching sessions have taught me to remember what I need for fulfilment and satisfaction, even if it is more difficult to work, take responsibility, & not to resort to escapism. Being unafraid to change and grow (in every way), and moving forwards from all the previous experiences. Seeing them as learning opportunities rather than things to dwell and grieve on.

Parent view:

Prior to the first meeting my teen had very low expectations from the coaching…however, from the first session, she realised that positive changes she was desperate to make were possible and that she, and only she (ie not her parents!) was in charge. This allowed her to focus on key areas of concern for her, namely lack of sleep and an inveterate lack of organisation,  Emma guided her to find her own solutions by way of simple, manageable steps: this approach has been adopted by my daughter to deal with other issues as they arise. I have a confident and happy daughter again! Thank you Emma for being there for us.

Mother – teenage son relationship. From disaffection to connection.

The sessions were so empowering – challenging me to look again at my mindset around how I was showing up with my son. It’s hard to make change – but with Emma’s support, I was able to reconnect at a time when my boy was pushing me away…and understand that actually he needed me more than ever. Thank you.

Couple. Teamwork and parenting a challenging teen. Boundaries, accountability.

First we would like to say a big thank-you. You have been enormously patient with us and really listened to us and that, in itself, was very helpful to me in particular.
While there are no easy solutions here, the ability to ‘check in’ with you and to consider the points you reflected back to us (and separating out various issues in individual calls) was something I very much appreciated. 
‘Actively listening’ is so incredibly hard in our time-poor, distraction prone society, but it helps the person who is “being heard” beyond measure, and I have been a beneficiary of this thanks to our sessions with you.

Corporate – Directors

Emma has worked with IStip on a number of training projects for NQTs and their Tutors. We recently engaged her to deliver coaching to IStip staff: the sessions were extremely productive and positive, and she moved our thinking forward with speed and purpose.

- Judith Fenn, Director, IStip.

Senior leader – returning to work post maternity leave.

Thank you so much Emma, for the sessions we have had together. They have been challenging, clarifying and uplifting and I’m really grateful.

Professional – Career progression, leadership, handling conflict.

The sessions we have had have had such an impact. The starting point for more confidence and self-belief. I am moving on to a great promotion – and I don’t think that would have happened without the work we did.

The coaching sessions I had with you were great and have been incredibly useful. (Gremlins still being kicked around today!).

So much stress, and so many many union issues could possibly be prevented if people have an option to chat to someone beforehand. Things like dealing with others, listening skills, empathy etc. This, to me, is a more proactive approach to be honest. I think we spend so much time being reactive.